About Us

We are an international software company in Saarbrücken developing voice-based applications and middleware.

Our goal is creating voice user interfaces (VUIs) to bridge the digital divide: Millions of people, particularly in developing countries, are excluded from most kinds of digital services, be it due to the lack of basic education (illiteracy in Bangladesh, for example, has been estimated at more than 25% in 2016), for economic reasons (people can’t afford the necessary devices), or because there is no infrastructure for web access at all in the first place.

We are now offering a service that enables these populations to use any telephone to call a local number and operate a web-based application just by talking to it.

We emerged as a technology subsidiary of Hishab Ltd., a company operating out of Dhaka (Bangladesh) that currently assists people there managing so-called microloans. Microloans, a financial instrument aimed at alleviating poverty, make it possible for micro-entrepreneurs – kiosk owners, farmers, etc. – to take up small loans to get their businesses off the ground, with the intent of helping them to a place where they can provide for themselves.

Our Philosophy

As a subsidiary company, we are in charge of software development. We are very much at home with cutting edge technologies like voice assistants, machine learning and cloud services. But we don’t just write code. We deliver software components that are robust, scalable and well-documented, to render Hishab’s services available and accessible for users even in very remote places, hopefully making these places and these people less remote in the process.

We have a passion for agile processes and sustainable software development (Clean Code).
However, we are interested in sustainability not solely when coding – we also keep a keen eye on what’s happening in the world at large. This is why we love working in an international context and contributing to a project that is bound to have a significant social impact.


We are looking for dedicated, talented developers, DevOps, architects and project managers to build our team in Germany. With us, you’ll get the chance to actively shape your work environment and help to develop work processes in line with your skills and ideas.
A thoughtful, goal-oriented and candid approach to communication within our team are of utmost importance to us, as is continuous self-reflection and independent thinking in taking up and completing your tasks. That way, we hope to create an inclusive work environment where people enjoy themselves, realize their potentials, and have fun while getting things done.
We consider it our responsibility, in turn, to supply you with ample room for constant learning – your personal development is an integral part of developing this company.

Naturally, this is a very international project. Our team currently is comprised of people from Germany, Bangladesh and Japan, other nationalities will follow. There will be plenty of opportunities for travel: visiting our users, partners, colleagues, but also attending conferences and other venues of expanding your skill set and/or broadening your horizon. In addition to all that, we also intend to contribute to local cultural initiatives in countries we are active in, integrating them into our day-to-day work as focus projects.

IT Management
NLP Engineer
Lead Architect
IT Process Manager
HR Assistant
Tec Lead

Our Colleagues at Team Hishab

Founder & CEO of Hishab
NLP Team Lead
Business Operations
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